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Making a Splash in Lustrum – Mission #04

You must be at the end of your rope. I felt a tug.

The best thing that happened today was that I got a new hat. Everything else seems to pale in comparison. On a simple errand task for the agency, we met Smyth the Living Forge and he provided a list of materials that would be required to forge a weapon suited for one like myself. He also gave me the hat in all its antler’ed glory to return to the agency. And they didn’t even want it back!

On the way, Miranda the Black Witch decided to start toying with us. She claimed I was tracked by the charm I took off the corpse of her shambling mound, but I believe her true motive involved procuring my hat. Having nothing better to do today besides finding new talent for the side business, we decided to take Miranda up on her offer and waltz over to Lustrum Falls to see what the zombies were up to.

I never though I would end up hanging a wolf from a tree. Really was never on my list of things to accomplish in life. But when fate offers up the opportunity, someone has to live it. Made an enemy of a retarded bullywog… no really, he called himself retarded. I’m not that insensitive. Befriended a cannibal and learned that Zombie King Zeke is trying to arrange a deal with some of the other Major Players. He was tossing around heavy-duty artifact names like Shadow’s Play and Boneshaker as bargaining tools. Turns out that Frag spotted us soon after and we escaped to Cromwell’s lair to avoid the elemental fury. I admit, I was quite homesick by the display. It’s rare that I’m reminded of the Elemental Plane of Chaos.

Our exit strategy proceeded simply after that. A simple dialogue with Cromwell and Miranda led us back to Mausoleum 34 and out of the Necropolis with the aid of Lackluster Percival. And if we’re lucky, no one will remember we were there.

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Splash 1-03

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