Sandie 002

My mother may still be alive!!! Granted I do not have a good idea who took her (maybe I would recognize one of them on sight?!), but it does appear that this “Gumot” took her for a purpose!

I was in shock right after hearing her fate (literally!). Gertrude came over to check on me afterward , she has been really supportive and caring. She ended up walking me to my apartment and giving me a drink of some sort. It burned my throat and made me a little bit dizzy, but I sure did sleep well that night!

I suppose due to the nature of the revelation about my mother Satchmo took me off of the next mission Team Bagpipe ran, leaving me trapped in the Agency during the lock-down. Having nothing better to do I attempted to make myself useful, but everyone was too busy to pay me much mind – I am not sure what was going on but they sure were all scrambling for something. Eventually Gertrude told me where I could find the old missions logs and said that they could use some filing. As I headed to the file room where they are kept I realized that I could take this change to track down some information on Gumot, Bloon, and Kit! I was at it for hours – or at least long enough for me to grow ravenous (isn’t it odd that “eating like a bird” and “feeling ravenous” can be both about avian feeding habits and yet have such contradictory meanings…). Anyways, I eventually found a reference to Gumot in a report about a Philosopher Hooke (I am unsure if he is a philosopher named Hooke, or if his parents were simply trying to engage in conversations of a more cerebral nature – and based off of their senses of humor most likely failed miserably). While the report mentioned nothing useful about Hooke himself, it did lead to a revelation about an acquaintance of his – The Mechanist, Dr. Turing V1.0! It is unfortunate that the gods have so little power here in the city, as the coincidence of this connection in light of my recent acquisition makes it hard to chalk up to pure probability……

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Sandie 002

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