Freddy 03

My song “The Dragon and the BM of DB” was a big hit at the local tavern! Once I get some more material I might set up a tour or something, get the name out there you know?

Even so it seems like the ole bardic charm hasn’t reaped dividends in groupie flesh yet. Now I’m not a love em and leave em kinda guy by nature, but now’s the time to sow my wild oats before I settle down in my three-hundred and thirties. I figure my biggest problem is that I’m prematurely bald and a bit on the shorter side for a skeleton. Ladies love a rakish bard with wild unkempt hair and a set of sockets to stare up into dreamily, after all.

Now I doubt I’m going to hit another growth spurt at my age, but maybe the hair I can do something about. I thought I might win some at the Oracle party, but I was disqualified for some reason.

They kicked me out but invited that guy who used to hang out at the castle, which I thought was kinda rude. I couldn’t remember his name but it seemed like he’d forgotten me too so I was able to avoid embarrassing myself. He left in a hurry, but not before he knocked over all the drinks and made a mess of the place. What a crap party that turned out to be.

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Freddy 03

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