Freddy 02

It’s tough being a celebrity but it has its perks. After we finished decoding the book, this guy approached me and boy was he shifty looking. It reminded me of cousin Heinrich when he tried to surprise me with that blow dart gun at my ninth birthday party, but turns out the guy just wanted to offer me his allegiance. Said there were those in “the organization” who hadn’t forgotten their duty to the Gerards and asked my bidding, so I had him fetch me a harmonica. He seemed a little disappointed so I tried to cheer him up with a song.

Went on a hike with Splash and DB and got yelled at a lot. But it was still pretty fun, I spotted a yellow tailed thrush, a bullywug, some neat ants, and oh that’s right, a Dragon! Still writing the song for that one…DB said it focused too much on how he almost soiled himself but I think Splash liked it.

Also for the record I’m not actually a communist, I just play one in the Necropolis.

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Freddy 02

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