Splash Winterfall

Genasi Assassin of the Raven Queen


LEVEL 3 Rogue

STR 18 CON 10 DEX 17 INT 11 WIS 10 CHA 10

HP 32 Surges 6 Surge Value 8

AC 16
REF 16

Leather Armor


Standard Highly Classified Agency Items
The Little Red Book of Communism
Boots retrieved from inside the corpse of a Shambling Mound (And some of the previous owner’s hair)
Elemental Warding Charm from Miranda the Black Witch
Wedding Ring from the Gerard Crypt in Mausoleum 34
Wolf-Fitted Lightning Chainmail from Lustrum Falls
Blank Expense Reports

Versatile Duelist

At-Will Encounter Daily Utility
Riposte Strike Swiftcurrent Press the Advantage Great Leap
Clever Strike Torturous Strike
# Flailing Shove


I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.

I remember only the faintest glimpses of the Elemental Planes. Certain memories of swimming through rivers surrounded by ice, fire, and lightning with my siblings stand out, but the faces of my family remain clouded by time. I was only seven years old when I was summoned to the Material Plane by a man with an unusual facial tattoo. I only saw my abductor for the briefest of moments before the doors crashed in and conflict erupted. Creatures of death arose to combat the new arrivals while I hid. When the dust cleared the undead were slain, the man with the tattoo had escaped, and I was in the custody of Knights of the Raven Queen.

Perhaps it was the trauma or simply a coincidence of seasons, but as I exited the stronghold of my summoner, I saw winter for the first time. The ice was captivating; different from on the Elemental Planes. No longer a separate entity, it was the possibility of water to be something more… something stronger. I could see that through harshness, the world grows stronger. I began my studies under the tutelage of the Raven Queen’s servants and while not suited for divine arts, I became very effective at bringing about winter in my own fashion.

Frozen Ink

Splash Winterfall

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