D. B. Gengar

Sometimes the living-undead thirst for more.


The one-“man”, one-armed, Warlock wrecking crew is in town.

This death-y looking thing is known as Destiny Bond Gengar or D.B. for short. He has other names too. But, let us not get into that.
This one-armed Warlock is quick to curse and quicker to manipulate. One may call his means of persuasion unorthodox. Even creepy. Or gross.

  • SharronThe beautiful sword of any man’s dreams. Except Tolliver. In his possession he carries a sword (that goes unused) by the name of Sharron. Sharron has seen better days. She was handled poorly and violently by many men and then thrown away time and time again. Nobody knows this about D.B., but he cares deeply for this sword. He will never use her until they both agree the time is right. They want to take things slowly. He has made a promise to never throw her to the wayside like so many have before. He takes the utmost care with Sharron, making sure to keep her well oiled and sharp. With some help from Smyth he has gotten her back into fighting shape. The time draws nigh when D.B. will finally take this relationship to the next level.
  • ScarfaceA “man’s” best friend. The always loyal magic scarf known only as Scarface. While some may assume that this is just your run-of-the-mill magical accoutrement, they would be mistaken. Scarface is far more intelligent then most would give it credit. It has seen many wonders, fought many a bloody battle, and even stood toe to toe tassel with a dragon. It is even rumored that it once outsmarted a Major Player, but those are unsubstantiated. While Scarface has the ability to hang a grown man, it would never do so without it being necessary (or accidental). Although it can support this weight, it is unadvised that one should attempt to hang or swing using Scarface. It doesn’t much care for it. Scarface also loves to be gently washed in medium-warm water with light suds. By a beautiful woman with delicate hands. While Scarface’s gender is unknown, its appearance of being heavily starched after this activity, points in the direction of ALL MAN.
  • Communist BracerAre you ready for this? Brace yourself, we’re about to get the dirt on this item. This item, for anyone that needs breath in their lungs, is nearly useless. When a special word is uttered the wearer is pulled underground. For the dead this is a new means of travel. For the living the only travel this item allows them is from this life to the next. The special word must be avoided at all times. Also, this thing is a fashion nightmare. It doesn’t go with ANYTHING. The dead, for the most part, have no fashion sense.



What do you wish to know about the one known as Destiny Bond?

Who is he?

There is no he, only it.

He is an it?

The Raven Queen does not bring back the dead to complete Her will. She merely collects the remnants of the deceased, their memories, talents, knowledge, fears, and takes only what She sees as necessary. Other factors of Her own creation are add to this mix. These things hypostatize into a being that has no resemblance to what it used to be. This new thing has no gender, no race, no species.

Alright, who is the thing known as Destiny Bond Gengar?

A servant of the Raven Queen. Death has brought it’s life meaning. And it will continue as such until the Raven Queen has seen fit.

Who was it before this?

That is known only to the Raven Queen.

Does it remember who it was in it’s previous life?

Only images, flashes, memories of memories. All left intact by the Raven Queen.

What is it’s mission?

Please specify the mission in question?

For the Raven Queen.

That is known only to the Raven Queen.

For it’s job?

Please specify the job in question.

For the agency.

It has been tasked with keeping tabs on all major players in Dark Atlantis. Espionage, combat, retrieval, and detective work.

Wait, it has another job?

I would rather not go into that. It’s… complicated. And gross.

O.k. you are holding out on me, I can see that. <sigh> One last question.

Go on.

Why is it so deathly afraid of dragons?

Who the fuck isn’t afraid of dragons?

D. B. Gengar

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