The gated community now known as Uptown historically served as the ancestral home of the Gerardian Aristocracy. Even three hundred years after the kingdom’s fall residency is allowed only to those who can trace their blood line back to a nobleman, or at least one of his more successful bastards.

Often portrayed in the media as a place of refined/stuffy etiquette, with residents riding splendid horses through beautiful rolling countryside and sipping tea inside grand Victorian-style villas. However there are some who claim the serene appearance masks a desperate lack of funds resulting from 300 years of mismanaged inheritances. These critics contend that despite the airs put on about money being something that would only concern petty commoners, there have been more than a few wealthy businessmen that suddenly were discovered to be some Duke’s long lost heir.

Regardless, the grounds are unquestionably the most valuable real estate in all of Dark Atlantis. The Architect Mages spent centuries cultivating the landscape, reworking natural ley-lines into a self sustaining system that moderates the climate, produces imitation sunlight, and keeps the gardens pristine by disposing of garbage and unwelcome visitors.

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