The Dead Gods

Gods are a lot like cats inaway. You ken hardly tell they be fuckin or fightin from all the ruckusses they making. Takes a seasoned ear to tell what all the excitement is about, but even then you gonna be kept awake all the night just the same.

So should be no surprise that everyone has heard different things outta the stories of Firestone and Deep Blue. In my estimation, both sides are like as not to have some truth to them, love is war innit? Coulda been a messy breakup, coulda started as a war then become a tragic romance. Who’s to say in the end?

Though I would be doing a unservice to not unequivocally say I see the “interpretive history” proposed by the infamous Mad Alchemist as nothing more than sexually depraved wish-fulfillment fanatic fiction. Such claims lack even a shadow of evidence in any of the anthropological records, and not a single fresco depicts Deep Blue in high heeled shoes, much less her instigating them upon the genital regions of men for mutual satisfaction. That’s all I have to say about that.

But if the Dead Gods were whimsical cats, their children are something else altogether. They are dogs most likely, stupidly loyal and viciously territorial. And while their masters sleep without waking (may we remain so blessed), some of these dogs are still with us today. And sometimes they dig for bones in the bloody earth…

The Dead Gods

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