The Agents

These are the unclassified profiles and call signs of the Agents you will be working with.

Name Call Sign Description Journals
D. B. Gengar Tangerine Tiger One armed Warlock assigned to Group Alpha Destiny Bound
Splash Winterfall Water Moccasin Water Genasi Rogue assigned to Group Alpha Frozen Ink
Zazenna Matango Truffles Newest member assigned to Group Alpha
Kellsen Howler Wolven Requiem Therion Druid assigned to Group Bagpipe Howling Echoes
Sandie Tavros Dead Bull Minotaur Artificer assigned to Group Bagpipe Animal Noises
Shamus Sheep Soother Dwarven Shaman assigned to Group Bagpipe
Miles Adagio . Bugbear Monk on floating assignment Before I Sleep
NPC Name Call Sign Description
Gertrude Sunshine Manages paperwork such as expense reports, contracts,
and updating wills
Lawrence Stutter Mind Team lead of the cell’s Research and Development effort
Satchmo Boss Man Handler for Dead End cell
Jenny Hall Jen Head of Humanoid Resources

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The Agents

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