Script XX - Misc

Started thinking about some later scenes in the story, wanted to jot down notes for later use. This section is for random bits and pieces that may come in handy later

Splash, “Next time maybe a heads up would be nice, preferably before setting the whole place on fire. Why did you do that anyways?”

DB, “Look, I knew if we accepted their ‘honorable’ challenge, we wouldn’t be fighting one of those shrimps. It’d be all surprise! Enjoy fighting a horse sized mega snake you gullible bastards!”

Splash, “…That’s the outcome you were trying to avoid? You mean the one that happened just now? Which likely happened because you went kill crazy, not in spite of it?”

DB, “Yeah so? You getting on my shit? Why, because I wasn’t able to find a way to make a crap situation even worse, like you did with those _____ ? Do nothing, giant snake. Set them on fire, giant snake. What the fuck you want?!”

Splash, “…”

DB, “Fucking snakes man. God-damn” (meta note: giant snake is a little too close to dragons for db)

Script XX - Misc

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