Script 01 - Again a new beginning


The following script is being written for a possible Dark Atlantis comic. It is not meant to be read as a story, but to outline the actions and dialogue that will have to be drawn.

Scene 1 – Outdoors in the slums, night. Narrow alleyways with light snowfall underfoot. A werewolf, slumped against the side of a building as drunk as an Indian. A blind vampire holding out a cup with a shaky hand, desperate for any bodily fluid and not terribly picky about it.

Two men are making their way cautiously down the streets, and they’re approaching a turn in the alleyway.

Splash, “Quickly, I think he went this way.”
DB, “If we’d been quicker before, we wouldn’t have lost IT.”
Splash, “Part of tailing something is making sure IT doesn’t see —”

Splash ducks back from the corner of the alleyway, halting his companion behind him and flattens himself against the building.

DB, “Stop touching me. So, did you…?”
Splash, “Yes, but I don’t think he saw me.”
DB, “It saw you”
Splash, “Oh I and I’d suppose you’d be so much better at this, warlock”
DB, "Probably yeah, but what I meant was that it’s an it, not a ‘he’ "

With their back to the building they do not see the barely visible figure approaching from around the alleyway corner.

Splash, “Oh shut up with that already. Do you want him to hear you?”

Splash is turned towards his companion, and does not see what emerges behind him from the alleyway. DB does however and tenses up

DB, “Guess it doesn’t really matter what I want.”

They face Drake Bonecastle, the skeleton that the agents had been tracking through the slums. His bony hand rest lightly on the hilt of his sheathed sword. He is clad in light leather armor, and his pose is that of arrogant duelist, relaxed yet ready for swift violence.

Drake, “So to what do I owe the honor of this little entourage? Perhaps you have heard tale of my stunning swordsmanship, eh? My current appearance to the contrary, I assure you I have yet to lose a duel. Not even the unofficial ones, which took place in dark streets much like these, far away from the grand Colosseum and the roaring crowds.”

DB’s hand slides to an inner pocket to grip his warlock talisman, but tries to keep the situation cordial.

DB, “Yes I remember your fight with…The Beast of, um” (meta note: DB is accidentally remembering something that occurred years before he arrived at Dark Atlantis)

Drake, “Ah the Brass Beast, that takes me back. Nasty bit of work if I recall, had to drown him in his own blood. Demons, they can heal from almost any wound but not, apparently, asphyxiation. So what’s our business to be then, why are you following me?”

Drake’s fingers tighten on the hilt, apparently noting DB’s movements. DB and Splash share a look, DB worried and Splash is trying to think quickly.

Splash, “H..Have you ever considered modeling?”

A beat passes. DB looks at Splash incredulously.

Drake, “A what?”

Splash, “We work for, um, an agency, and we find promising talent. For, you know, photo shoots. And we think you would be an excellent, er, candidate.”

Drake deadpans, “You think I’d be an excellent candidate for a career as a model.”

Splash, “Oh totally yeah, thin is in. And the contrast, I mean do you bleach? Your bones are just the perfect shade of white, with the proper framing, wow, it would be fantastic. Wouldn’t it?”

DB, “..Yes, it would be amazing”

Splash, “Like if he was laying next to a dark elf, it would really pop you know? A little bit racy, a hint of taboo…”

DB, “But also tasteful. We are professionals after all.”

Splash, “Yes of course! Tasteful, professional photos about a taboo love between the living and the dead. I can see it already!”

Before he was a skeleton, Drake was a vain man who had many women willing to warm his bed. So the offer appeals to that side of him, whereas the rest of him is repulsed by his current appearance. He looks at his hand, trying to imagine such a farce as being an undead model. He shakes that off and looks at the agents

Drake, “You’re crazy. Y’know that?”

DB, “Look, why don’t you take some time to think it over first. Here, let me give you my card.”

He writes on a small note and hands it to Drake. He’s hoping to break off the encounter, whereas Splash seems to have gotten too stuck in character.

Splash, “But I’m telling you, he’d be perfect for our spread next week!”

DB, “Look will you stop hounding the talent already? This is the Clovertin Twins all over again, I swear. You see something you like and you just can’t let it go, like you have some sort of professional deathwish.”

Splash, “How was I supposed to know, honestly? I’ve seen younger looking Fae celebrating their fiftieth birthday. And who gives their age in months instead of years? That’s not on me, and I’m not some kinda faerie zoology expert who can—”

DB, “He’s gone.”

Splash, “Huh?”

DB, “Yeah he just sort’ve walked away while we were yelling at each other.”

Splash, “Well that worked out pretty well.”

(meta note – may have splash correct db for calling a skeleton a “he” to come full circle, dunno still trying to make it not stupid)

I say we eliminate the two running any kind of porno ring. I mean even in the game we have faded away from this. Plus if the two owned something like that they would know each other much better. The modeling thing would just be Splash coming up with something off the top of his head. The argument about the Fae can be removed then as it wouldn’t work unless they actually did run a modeling agency. Finally, I thought it might be funny to end the scene a little like this:
DB: “He just kinda walked away… What the hell was that with the modeling?”
Splash: “I don’t know, I got nervous. It was either that or pretend that we were gay.”
DB: “It was either that OR PRETEND WE WERE GAY? How does that make ANY sense?”
Splash: “I don’t know he really seemed ‘you know’”
Splash scowls and holds his hand out flat and tilts it from left to right as if this explains everything

I intended it as being DB running with the gag in order to cut off Splash without breaking their flimsy cover story. As in Splash has desperately thrown himself into the modelling persona, and has either forgotten the main purpose (get away from skeleton) or doesn’t know how to disengage it now that he’s started. Thus they get stuck in a circle of ever escalating bullshit, which luckily drives away the horrified skeleton. So I don’t think it needs to be removed (except for reasons like space constraints, or if its just not funny enough), but I do agree that adding your post dialogue segment is important to emphasize that the above was all fictional.

This really threw me back. I think I laughed the whole time I read it. Keep running with it

Script 01 - Again a new beginning

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