Report FR22


LOCATION: Agency Dead End Cell
PARTICIPANTS: Gordon Blue, Sara Slightly, Black Vegas
BRIEF SUMMARY: Compilation of transcripts and reports during incident FR22


“I dare say,” I said as if daring the silence itself, which had wrapped snugly round my compatriot’s lips. “What do you make of that?”

My proddin stick is delayed by Sive, one of them careful lads with fanciful plans of dieing in bed whilst surrounded by a mob of great grand childrens. I decide not to disabuse him of such wishful thinking and refrain from rebuking him with the stick. As one of Lawrence’s boys such ignorance may be a job prerequisite, for in truth his odds are worse than any field agent’s.

My glare fixes steadily on Sive as I speak evenly into the quiet. “Black Vegas, this is Team Lexicon. We have a situation in the Hallway of Whispers. Piper is openly active, he’s made contact with at least twenty Fair and I have a feeling it’s going to be more soon.”

The images flash in her mind like dark skies briefly thrown wide by storm lightning. As always she made careful count of the eyes she peered out from, her left hand scrawling a mark over each call sign before shifting her focus to the next agent. Satisfied that each heartbeat remained steady (if a bit quick), she loosened the mental link and tossed her hair back from her eyes. Her lurking migraine grudgingly receded out of sight, but whispered dark promises of its inevitable return.

“Black Vegas, target is holding position on the northern coastline. Mortar teams have visual and are awaiting further instruction.”

“Team Lexicon, do you have a read on that signal yet?”

“Affirmative Vegas. The message is…”

“Belay that Team Lexicon, there may be listeners besides yourselves. Mission is complete. Jenny, please prepare transport of personnel from the Hallway of Whispers. Team be advised of pickup.”

“Establishing inter-dimensional gateway into metaphorical space. Gateway secured. Also, I’ve delivered a notice regarding the coming revisions to the per diem reimbursement policy that take effect on…”

“Agent Gordon Blue, mission is complete. You are to use the portal and return at once!”

“No cause for alarm Vegas, just checking out this window. Damndest thing I ever saw. Sunlight pouring out of it, a whole forest of trees swaying in the spring winds. It’d be beautiful even if we weren’t in this freakshow of a place.”

“That’s a negative Gordon Blue, do not approach that goddamn light.”

“Ceasing approach Vegas.”

“Then stop dicking around and get your ass in the portal already.”

“Negative Vegas. Ass is no longer cooperating.”

“Why the hell not?”

“There’s a goddamn wolf in here Vegas. Big goddamn wolf. Over.”

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Report FR22

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