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BRIEF SUMMARY: Summoning of the Fae


The art of summoning demons is complicated, dangerous, and possibly messy. It’s a well-documented process that involves summoning circles, rituals, and great big cojones. Standard fare. Through a rather unfortunate set of circumstances, I discovered that the Fae can also be summoned. Turns out, all one really needs to summon the Fae is to know their True Name, look into a reflective surface, and merely mention it aloud. Summoning in this sense does not demand the presence of the Fae, but provides them the ability to pop in for a visit if they are bored. In addition, Knowing a True Name also requires the speaker to know whom he is speaking of. Mentioning the same syllables aloud is useless if you don’t know you’re speaking of a creature. The downside to this power is that once you know a True Name, you can never use those words again without drawing that being’s attention.

I learned this while researching the fate of Howling Moon House and their relationship with the Fae. Something in the texts allowed me to discover the True Name of Fair Susan and I just happened to be working some thoughts aloud in my bathroom. Needless to say, I was justifiably horrified and embarrassed to have a young girl appear before me while I was attending to nature’s call. I’m sure the terror in my face once I learned her identity amused Fair Susan enough to spare my life. The price for the conversation and my continued survival was my skin’s pigment, my hair, and all of my memories and research concerning her True Name. I consider myself lucky.

She did indulge a scholar’s curiosity somewhat by answering several of my questions about the Howling Moon House. Those memories were also taken, but I remember a great look of sadness upon the child-form’s visage when I mentioned the lost wolves of Dark Atlantis.

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Report BOW7

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