Report AG07


LOCATION: Agency Dead End Cell
PARTICIPANTS: Splash Winterfall and D. B. Gengar
BRIEF SUMMARY: Medical notes on Team Alpha’s recovery


Patient Splash has sustained second degree spiritual burns resulting from an extended possession by the godling Wendy of Storm’s Eye. He is exhibiting most of the usual symptoms, but there are some additional concerns. He is experiencing an inability to hold water, frequent auditory hallucinations, and severe dry mouth. Patient has developed a habit of speaking to fluids when he believes he is not being observed. Recommend removing active duty status for at least two weeks so he can recuperate from the trauma.

Patient Gengar’s possession was much more forceful and some of the resulting damage may be permanent. He exhibits a strong case of hydrophobia, and his missing arm is prone to randomly burst into flame. This later condition appears to have been exacerbated by a prior encounter with Veyron the Racing Flame that took place before the possession itself occurred. It may stabilize with time, until then the patient will need to wear a special fire proof sock to prevent further property damage. Recommend removing active duty status until he stops whispering the desire to see everything burn.

Report AG07

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