Overview Issues 1-4

Issue 1

  • Agents DB and Splash stalk Drake Bonecastle and have a confrontation with him
  • The agents lose track of Drake
  • The agents enlist the help of Shadow to find their quary
  • The agents find Drake dealing an Item with a mysterious man inside an abandoned church
  • Spike, Bartholomew, and Unknown Vine Monster break into the church seeking to steal the Item from Drake and the mysterious man
  • At some point Splash places tracking device on Item
  • Vine monster is smashed by the other two, a piece of it ends up curling into the agent’s clothes unseen.
  • Soon it’s down to the hidden agents and Bartholomew and Spike.
  • Barth senses the agents, spears DB with his trident face
  • Agents drag Barth’s head while being chased by his torso. Splash dumps head down the well
  • DB passes out from blood loss and poison

Issue 2

  • DB has been in the agency hospital since last issue. He is now ready to be released
  • Splash arrives to let him out, he is surprised to find DB missing an arm
  • Agents visit with Satchmo, the leader of dead end cell. Discussions of the previous mission
  • Another agent arrives with the Item. It’s a box, now empty, obviously once contained a sword.
  • Box has a particular crest, and was found near Necropolis.
  • Agents sent to Necropolis to investigate
  • (opt) Meet Miranda the Black Witch
  • Meet zombie who talks continuously so people know he’s sentient and don’t murder him
  • (opt) Funeral event of some kind
  • (opt) Meet dwarven groundskeeper Lackluster Percival who leads agents to their quary
  • Find and enter the tomb of Gerard (I say we have them fall into the tomb at this point rather then use the fall later in the next issue. I leaves a nice cliffhanger ending to the issue I think.)

Issue 3

  • Agents venture deep into a tomb untouched for centuries.
  • DB has some odd luck with this place, whereas the tomb seems to be trying to kill Splash
  • Trials, combat, fleeing, Epic Riddles, falling into secret chambers, etc
  • Agents find a tomb with a malfunctioning sealing spell, inside a talking skeleton
  • Agents free some of the skeleton and assemble what they can into Frederick Gerard, Prince of Dark Atlantis.
  • Agents use Freddy as bait when necessary as they continue the trials of the tomb
  • Confrontation with one of the Marxist Brother Ghouls and posse (We should stop the action right as the Marxist Brother is attacking the party, again another good spot to end as we are getting ready for some fightin’ and again is a bit cliffhangerish.)

Issue 4

  • Continuation of confrontation with Marxist Ghoul
  • Breaks out into an odd melee. The Ghoul can dive into the ground like a shark
  • Splash grabs onto the ghoul and rides him
  • The other undead are taken care of by DB.
  • After a fateful silence, Splash digs out from the ground like a victorious ricky ticky tavy, having slain the ghoul while buried beneath the earth
  • Agents find a mysterious book that has been chained in place
  • After freeing the book, it tries to eat their faces. Comically chases Frederick Gerard
  • Book is subdued, Agents find their way out of the tomb
  • Back at the agency, it is learned that the book is an inventory of ancient artifacts. And from it they learn that the Item from the first issue is a sword known as Shadow’s Play, and powerful relic created by the Mad Alchemist.
  • (opt) Scene with Drake reporting to a shadowed Big Wig about failure from issue 1. Big Wig seems unperturbed, a villainous all going according to plan overtone. Drake is angry, he clearly wants out but he must provide one or two additional favors to complete some bargain.

Overview Issues 1-4

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