Orb of Incendiary Surprise

The orb of incendiary surprise requires the use of incredible caution while in the field. There are two methods of utilizing the orb. It can be used as a simple projectile but this application rarely provides the user time to find cover from the explosion. The second setting requires an operative to twist the orb and quickly place it in a remote location. After the timer has expired, the orb will then detonate when the rather sensitive vibration threshold is exceeded.

The construction of the orb of incendiary surprise is quite complicated and time intensive. It requires a very precise summoner to locate and retrieve a fire elemental’s newborn child before immediately placing it into the sealed orb. The incubation time for a sufficient explosion is roughly four years. As time passes, the explosion becomes much more volatile and devastating but also suffers the risk of random detonation.

Years of captivity from birth has driven the elementals completely insane. No researcher has successfully freed any subject from an orb without loss of personnel, equipment, elemental, and large portions of the laboratory. It is not advisable for agents to attempt this action.

Safety Concern – The orb will also detonate if accidentally crushed, stabbed, doused in acid, consumed, or exposed to significant doses of alpha radiation.

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Orb of Incendiary Surprise

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