Meteorological Phenomena

The island city of Dark Atlantis has unique climatological and astral characteristics that often confuse outsiders. It can be difficult to mark the passing of nights, as the sun only makes an appearance roughly once every month. Typically time is divided between Night, which is warmer with some ambient light, and Nighter, where the only light is from the fires of Lustrum Falls and snowfall is common.

Dayfall, while sweltering and unpleasant, provides some interesting opportunities. It is avoided by even some of the Major Players, though there are others that take advantage of this. Flooding from melted slush is common.

Occasionally the end of Dayfall is accompanied by the arrival of Hurricane Wendy. Traditionally this is closest Dark Atlantis ever comes to a cease fire, as powers great and small gather to beat back the storm. Even agency missions are usually placed on hold for the duration of Hurricane Wendy, and seeking shelter is strongly advised.

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Meteorological Phenomena

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