Lustrum Falls

What is now known as Lustrum Falls violently erupted around the year 150 PG. The great volcano hidden beneath the sparkling waterfalls split the earth and seared the Majestic River with gushing molten rock, which flowed down the riverbed inexorably towards the city. Great efforts were made to redirect the ominous tide of flame that threatened to smother Dark Atlantis, and eventually the lava was redirected into the ocean.

The celebrations were short lived however, as the leading experts in seismagic warned of terrifying levels of pressure rising within the volcano’s magma chamber. Elemental beings of pure chaos began to gather in droves, drawn like moths to the impending apocalypse.

At this point what was clearly a madwoman began making a slow trek up the ever ascending slope of Lustrum Falls, whispering the names of trees and rocks as she passed onlookers paralyzed by their inescapable doom. Upon her return several hours later, a great cheer went up from a crowd of soot blackened faces said to number in the thousands. After patiently waiting for the jubilation to die down, the old woman spoke.

“Well gracious me, it’s been quite a day hasn’t it? But it’s getting a bit late, so if you all would kindly see yourselves off, this old woman could use some peace and quiet.”

Since then Aelphaba the Grey Witch has lived by herself in wilds of Lustrum Falls, her eviction notice enforced by an unnatural occurrence of natural disasters to all who enter her domain. Earth magicians still nervously eye the volcano, which they claim is not dormant but simply balanced a knife’s edge away from another eruption.

Investigated Districts
Mission #4 – Outskirts of Lustrum

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Lustrum Falls

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