Judgement Day

This name can actually refer to three different complexes located near the eastern coast. They all share a few things in common, namely they are staffed exclusively by escapees from hell, have fairly restrictive dress codes, and are owned by Raziel the Fallen.

Judgement Day Hotel – A rather posh seventy-seven story hotel that caters to visiting kings, vacationing eldritch horrors, and the occasional wandering astral traveler. It is said that the room service is to die for, with a staff that can prepare rare culinary delicacies or arrange the fulfillment of darker desires.

Judgement Day Casino – A glamorous place to gamble away your money and your soul.

Judgement Day Estates – Home of the only regulation sized golf course in Dark Atlantis. The game is believed to be one of the few vices Raziel indulges in, apart from the whole demon summoning thing.

Investigated Districts
Mission #5 – Hotel Research Facility

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Judgement Day

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