Invocation Riddle

While visiting the The Mad Library, the agents faced an Invocation Riddle that required them to provide a series of words. Once this was completed, the full Invocation was read using the provided words, and unleashed their creation upon them. The results were naturally horrifying to all parties involved.


The adjective adventurers were suddenly set upon by a terrible beast made entirely of noun. The creature, known to the natives as Name, began verb (ing)in anticipation. The adjective adventurers, not to be outdone, verb (ed) right back as adverb as they could. They knew if they lost this contest, Name would eat their Anatomy, as it had done to so many others before them.

Words Chosen

Adjective: magnetic
Noun: poop
Name: Big Bear
Verb: sodomize
Adverb: deviously
Anatomy: ovaries

It is perhaps a tribute to the agents’ resourcefulness that after creating the worst challenge imaginable, they found a way to win it regardless. Now let us never speak of this again.

Invocation Riddle

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