Historical Figures

History is a very important subject in Dark Atlantis, because it is yet another thing that might try to kill you.

Old Powers:


Year Events
??? Arrival of Admiral Gerard to Dark Atlantis
0 PG Death of King Gerard and dissolution of his lineage. Marked the beginning of the Post-Gerard era (PG).
~50 PG First appearance of Zombie King Zeke
~75 PG Unification of the Fae under Fair Susan and the arrival of Arbenzafe
122 PG Fall of the Howling Moon House (See Dusk Reaver)
~150 PG Eruption of Lustrum Falls, Aelphaba the Grey Witch re-categorized as a Major Player
270 PG Arrival of Raziel the Fallen to Dark Atlantis
300 PG Today

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Historical Figures

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