Even if most sane people consider the very city of Dark Atlantis a place they don’t want to go, every city still has a section that the inhabitants shudder to think of. The Fringe is considered the entirety of the island’s perimeter in contact with the ocean excluding the portion contained within Lustrum Falls. When shipping and inter-planar travel is required, the docks are located on a large outcropping of the Fringe near Uptown. This is where pirates, hobos, and degenerates of all make, models, and species tend to wander off to before they die, unpleasantly.

There is an extremely high rate of fatalities among all parties that wander along the Fringe. The average life-span of a Fringe-dweller is about six months. Any individual that has survived there for longer than that is either extremely powerful or crazy, but usually both. Speculation has led the populace to believe that the ocean itself is claiming the lives of the hobos that wander too close. Crazy folk also suggest that creatures live under the sea and harvest townsfolk for food and mating rituals.

So far, the Agency has been unable to confirm the truth of the odd rumors that center around the Fringe. Open minds permit the belief that maybe its a little bit of everything.

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