Freddy 04

I’ve always been pretty good with animals. Taught Scarface a cool new trick, he learns pretty fast for a scarf. I once did the same with a tiger, but the “Don’t eat Freddy” trick isn’t really a crowd pleaser (tough crowd!)

But I may not have as much time to play with Scarface in the future, as I’ve apparently been betrothed to Zazenna Matango. Maybe my father set it up before he died, he was always one for planning ahead and telling me what to do. So far he hasn’t stolen my harmonica yet, but probably only a matter of time before I get a ghost lecture on how he’d rather I be a dead prince than a living bard. Huh come to think of it, I guess I ended up as both of those? Funny how things work out.

Now, don’t get me wrong she seems like a…some kind of girl, but I’m worried she might just be marrying me for the upward social mobility. And the nagging’s already started, that can’t be a good sign for our future. So I got to thinking a bit about how father would’ve handled things, that steely tone of voice and the way he’d look at you. Even second momma wouldn’t push him when he was like that. It’s not an easy trick, but I think I’m on to something. Maybe we can make this work after all, as long as the woman understands this is an equal partnership and Freddy’s not gonna be some sugar daddy she can push around.

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Freddy 04

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