Campaign Guide

In Dark Atlantis you will be playing an Agent, a trusted individual of a secretive organization whose mission is to bring down the Major Players and their underlings. These arrogant abominations must learn what it is to fear, or they will grow ever bolder until no one is safe. You will be the instrument of their education.

That said, the odds don’t seem particularly good. Without the gods to worry about, the twisted beings of Dark Atlantis have flourished unchecked for hundreds of years. Lost forbidden arts known only in legends have been rediscovered and improved upon. Creatures that vanished long before man had spoken his first words have returned, hungry and insane.

In short, it is a place were the obvious path is not always the best. Use your head, find ways to manipulate your enemies against one another, and don’t get caught!

Playing style

Dark Atlantis is a DnD 4e campaign with a relaxed approach to the official rules. It places strong emphasis on roleplaying and dialogue, and without subterfuge and cunning you will not survive. The story is told as a dark comedy, with serious noir elements alongside the strange and ridiculous.

A typical example is the tomb of Jirrim Gerard. Jirrim specified in his will that upon his death his entire family would be buried alive alongside him. The coffins of his grandchildren had engravings that showed them sleeping in eternal peace. But after the players crossed a magical mirror the engravings changed, showing the children screaming and crying in terror.

Later in the same tomb the players attempted to convince a Ghoul that they were fellow communists. Unconvinced of their dedication to The Revolution, the Ghoul attacked, diving through the dirt like a shark to strike from unexpected angles.

That’s the kind of place this is.

The Group

The sessions are split almost evenly between two very different groups and locations. The first is Team Alpha, the two-man tag-team that somehow wound up running a orphanage. The next is Team Bagpipe, the five agents most dedicated to horrifying animal lovers everywhere.

Campaign Guide

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