Tracer Stone


The tracer stone is a extremely useful invention with a high level of controversy in field application. The “stone” is divided into two separate pieces which allow agents to safely handle the device. The first piece (Part R) is a classified clay/glue-like substance that emits a moderate amount of alpha radiation. The second piece (Part S) and most vital for the agents to have is a simple chunk of a Hafnium and Verbatium alloy which acts as both tracker and radiation sponge.

As Part R and Part S are separated, the Hafnium in Part S no longer absorbs 100 percent of the radiation allowing the Verbatium to increase in temperature due to proximity with Part R. The mechanics of this are based on time, distance, and shielding equations that are of no importance to agents. To safely handle Part R and the associated alpha radiation, agents should always wear gloves or not use living appendages. A moderate level of regeneration is also sufficient.

Part R has a relatively short half life and will decay within twenty four hours. This aids in preventing foreign organizations from identifying the purpose of the tracer stones.

Agents must never:

  • Handle Part R separate from Part S for long periods of time
  • Place only Part R in contact with bare skin
  • Ingest any part of the tracer stone. Both pieces are highly poisonous
  • Tag tracer stones directly on living civilians

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Tracer Stone

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