Third Eye Goggles


The Third Eye Goggles have been significantly upgraded since the original design was field tested. While the ability to see in the dark and visibly detect radiation was quite useful, there existed room to improve and extend the functionality of agents in the field. The third eye is actually a spare set of creature eyes that can be swapped to provide increased capabilities depending on the mission. Each set of goggles will include the base orc design and additional lenses will be selected on a case by case situation. As always, the goggles still retain the self-destruct mechanism in order to uphold the Agency’s Magitechnical advantage.

Available Lens Technology

  1. Orc (Dark-vision and radiation sensitivity)
  2. Mind Flayer (Detects individuals subject to charm or compulsion effects)
  3. Beholder 1 (Detects magic auras)

1 Certain beholder eyes may accidentally discharge eye rays when used (5% likelihood)


Third Eye Goggles

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