A “man’s” best friend.

The always loyal magic scarf known only as Scarface. While some may assume that this is just your run-of-the-mill magical accoutrement, they would be mistaken. Scarface is far more intelligent then most would give it credit. It has seen many wonders, fought many a bloody battle, and even stood toe to toe tassel with a dragon. It is even rumored that it once outsmarted a Major Player, but those are unsubstantiated. While Scarface has the ability to hang a grown man, it would never do so without it being necessary (or accidental). Although it can support this weight, it is unadvised that one should attempt to hang or swing using Scarface. It doesn’t much care for it. Scarface also loves to be gently washed in medium-warm water with light suds. By a beautiful woman with delicate hands. While Scarface’s gender is unknown, its appearance of being heavily starched after this activity, points in the direction of ALL MAN.



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