Pacification Spore Sac

weapon (ranged)

The spore sacs are harvested from the Myconid people of Lustrum Falls. In a rare form of diplomacy, the agency has opened a friendly trade agreement with the mushroom people to exchange the spores of the guardsmen for the excrement of Fomorians. The R&D department is unaware of exactly how the Agency obtains the latter. Other spore sacs are available, but actually have a financial cost, so agents must make those arrangements individually. These devices are extremely useful in quick assaults, escapes, and practical jokes.

The pacification spore sacs are thrown weapons (vs Will) that explode in a burst radius 1 and result in minor damage (1d6+3 Poison) and the inability take standard actions for a single round. Due to the organic nature of the spores, the contents of the sac will only remain potent for roughly one week. At that time, it does make excellent fertilizer.

Warning – Use of a spore sacs as a “whoopee cushion” is considered fraudulent usage of company assets and the responsible agent will be charged accordingly for the loss.


Pacification Spore Sac

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