The Magical Affectation Semblance Contraption (or MASC for short) is one of the Agency’s finest developments. Unlike many other magical devices, the MASC operates on low level illusionic fields that modify the user’s appearance. It emits a level of magical interference that is so low, it is undetectable when not specifically looked for. This arrangement has been made possible by limiting the abilities of the MASC to only closely resemble a specific individual.

The MASC applies a basic overlay of a desired creature within the specified tolerances. The illusionic field propagates the remaining portion of the image within the brain of any viewers. This prevents agents from infiltrating locations as specific individuals or slipping by sentries immune to illusions. The MASC is also unable to modify the overall body size or mass of the wearer. Careful selection of the creature to be imitated for the agent must be exercised by the programming crew.

WARNING Use of the third eye goggles interferes with the illusionic field and looks plain silly.



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