Chameleon Giraffe


Appearance is that of a stuffed toy giraffe. When squeezed, it keys off the next noun it hears and alters its outward appearance to match. Its secondary function is to gather intelligence of its surroundings, using its camouflaged appearance to remain inconspicuous. In most scenarios, difficult to imitate items are replaced by stuffed replicas.

Apprentice researchers speculate that doppelganger remains are used in the creation process since no one still employed (or alive) by the Agency is able to identify the organic mass used in the chameleon giraffe’s basic construction.

Recent missions and reconnaissance by agents have detected abnormal functionality of the Chameleon Giraffe when in response to Weirdings. This has led to researchers re-evaluate the biological mass and debate the nature of doppelgangers. It appears that the Giraffe is able to violate the standard laws of conservation of mass and energy when applied to Fae environments. The variance is noticeably greater when the power of the Fae is significantly increased. Unfortunately, this form of testing has also led to an unusually high fatality rate among researchers. As of now, there are no scientists currently pursuing this anomaly.


Chameleon Giraffe

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