Veyron the Racing Flame


The ghost of a godling who sought to use an ancient relic buried deep underground on the island of Tinderforge to resurrect his dead master Firestone. He was kept in check for years by Madman Bradly, until Bradly was slain by D. B. Gengar for being too crazy.

Agency analysts theorize that Veyron, being a ghost or something, perceived the “ghost of fire” as if it were true flame. And ashes are the ghostly remains after a fire has died, hence Veyron’s inability to escape while surrounded by ash. The analysts also observed that while yes, they were incredibly intoxicated, they didn’t believe this to be detrimental to their final analysis of the situation.

After failing to obtain the ancient relic, Veyron’s spirit was eaten by Boneshaker of the Necropolis. Agency analysts suggested that was pretty fucked up.


Veyron the Racing Flame

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