Miles Adagio

"The hell inside cannot survive without expression. The first step is to put down the brush of destruction."


I was born in the wilds of the great northern forests of Crimaad, to a warrior clan only known by their throat rattling battle cry. It was there that I learned what I know of cruelty, of the joy that can only be felt in the suffering of others.

That I am still alive today while my people rest in unmarked graves is because I also had another teacher. She demonstrated to me a foreign concept called mercy, but the subject was difficult and I a poor student. For years I hunted her, hoping that in her blood I would find a balm for my wounded pride. Oh how parched I was for vengeance, yet she denied me even a single sip.

I cannot remember every step of our journey, for they were as many as they were small, but in the end a desire was born: to be free of this unending anger. Her fists blocked the only escape I knew, and so I was forced to find a new way. It was not easy. As we practiced meditation, outward thoughts drifted through me, always in wait for a moment of weakness. But Alissiya of the Green would not falter, and in time I began to grow into what I had pretended to be.

She showed me the path of the Green Hand, and it was there I found the peace that had eluded me. A way to survive without destruction, to fight without malice. This poor student will share such things as he can, with those trapped by the hell inside their minds.


Agent Miles Adagio is a bugbear monk who follows the Way of the Green Hand, a martial art that focuses on non-lethal combat.

Miles Adagio

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