Kellsen Howler

Druid of the Howling Moon


Race: Therion
Occupation: Agent and Orphanage Manager
Age: 22
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 189 lbs
Gray fur and blue eyes

Birthplace: Ailenhaven
Last Known Location: Destiny Falls Orphanage
Known Associates:
D. B. Gengar

Items of Note:
Standard Highly Classified Agency Items
Shifter Bag
Ghost Puncher Ring
Sack of Glowing Blue Minerals (Retrieved from Judgement Day Hotel’s safe)
Spike’s Business Card
Box of Dog Biscuits
Collection of Severed Forearms (Basketball player, library, and museum)
Blank Expense Reports


After the fall of the Howling Moon, the surviving members of the Howler family fled to safer lands. The werewolves attempted to integrate themselves into a non-magical society and successfully evaded notice or capture for hundreds of years. Breeding with humans has reduced the number of us now born as Therions. Every generation, fewer of our children are born true werewolves with naught but mewling whelps as the spawn of many.

My siblings have degenerated into a bunch of pitiful dogs, lusting after minor goals like relationships and petty squabbles with want-to-be vampire jerks. It’s become common for my brother, Jacobi, to join in a blood-frenzy terrorizing locals for the sheer animal joy. He’s a dick; I won’t miss him at all. Our last fight left several humans dead and half a city block incinerated. My fur still hasn’t completely grown back from the burns. I’m not content being a beast like him when our family was once so much more.

The portal to Dark Atlantis has been sealed for over a 170 years. The story of our downfall is shrouded in mystery, contradictions, and lies. It’s taken three months of research and planning to figure out how to return. My family will be furious with my actions, but I have to find out what actually happened to our ancestors. I will not accept that hubris was our downfall. Once I leave home, I don’t expect to return. My kin will seal the rift from the other side leaving me to discover the truth and rebuild the House of the Howling Moon, alone.

Howling Echoes

Kellsen Howler

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