An enormous undead warforge that burrows through the underside of the Necropolis. Resembles a segmented worm encased in metal, with a maw of putrid flesh, granite teeth, and whip like tongues. Not much else is known about Boneshaker, as surviving first hand accounts are rare and it has never been spotted above ground.

The Agency first became aware of the existence of Boneshaker in Mission 04, when Agents obtained a letter from Zombie King Zeke that offered Shadow’s Play to Aelphaba the Grey Witch in return for a way to bring the Boneshaker to Arbenzafe.

Later during the Summoning of the Oracle, Dark Oracle Mesbara described it as the “burrower of the deep, grave digger, worm of the Necropolis.“

The creature itself was first encountered in Mission 06 by Team Bagpipe.



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