Fair Susan

"As a token of my gratitude, I give my oath to not erase you from existence"


Entity is categorized as a Major Player, and should only be approached with extreme caution. Not considered overtly hostile, but has powerful defenses and is always protected by guardian Guy. Appearance is that of a prepubescent girl with blonde hair and unsettling piercing blue eyes. Other aliases include Devil’s Bargain and Wishmaster.

Resides in Arbenzafe as do nearly all Fair Folk.

Susan originally resided in the Feywild, where she was kept as a prisoner of the ruthless and tyrannical King Fancy. The king used her ability to work miracles to support his corrupt regime, until Susan discovered that her entire family had been slain by the king’s men. She escaped her prison along with several other fae and spent the next few years waging war on the Autumn Kingdom. Even after the king was slain, the royal army continued to fight and drove the rebel faction out of the Feywild. Susan and her allies escaped in Arbenzafe, and eventually found their way to Dark Atlantis.

Fair Susan

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