Bartholomew is a powerful winged devil with a large black metal trident for a face. He can pull out his own head and wield it as a deadly weapon that inflicts his victims with a horrific necrotic poison. Entity has a known history of impulsive cruelty and should be avoided at all costs.

New evidence has come to light confirming rumors that Bartholomew fatally drowned during the Church of the Fallen Kings incident. Unfortunately that confirmation came in the form of reports that he is now an undead monstrosity on a quest for vengeance against Team Alpha.

It appears that Bartholomew has severed ties with Raziel the Fallen and hired Gumot and Bloon to hunt down the agents responsible for his death. Bloon’s own files speculate that Mr B may be dabbling in the Necromantic Arts due to his collection of undead servants.



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