Raziel the Fallen


Entity is categorized as a Major Player, and should only be approached with extreme caution. While Raziel himself is not openly hostile, he travels everywhere with an entourage of devils who are predisposed to random acts of cruelty and violence. Appearance is that of a beautiful man with wings of watered steel and a third arm on his left side. Known aliases include the Damascus Gangster, Lefty, and Dragon Bait.

Raziel’s original appearance in Dark Atlantis is well documented by those who survived it. His words reverberated throughout the entire city as he announced that divine judgment had arrived for the one calling himself The Dragon. The ensuing battle raged for hours, and most of the inner city was left in ruins that either smoldered or broke into icy fragments. When it was finally over, Raziel had been stripped of his angelic weapons and his first right arm.

It is unknown whether Raziel stayed in Dark Atlantis to escape his deity’s wrath, or to redeem himself by finding a way to complete his mission. Whatever the cause, he began building a power base using his celestial knowledge to free powerful Devils sealed in the Nine Hells. He has also formed an alliance with Joan the Scarlet Witch, though he is evidently disconcerted by the sexual nature of their relationship.

Raziel the Fallen

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